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Volt is a restaurant created on our own culinary visions and terms!

With years of experiences from several different award-winning restaurants we have created our own restaurant focusing on what is most important to us: food and service.

We work hard to ensure you an extraordinary experience. We do not want to be in accord with regular practice or procedure. We do not succumb to a standard. We let the irregular speak. We focus on carefully selected details. These are ambitions that you will notice in both decoration and style of service.

Our cooking evolves along creativity rooted in Swedish flavors. However, we keep a careful eye toward culinary products from all over the earth. Our dishes and accompaniments reflect the changes in season. Natural, small-scale and locally produced products are our theme words.

Wine matters a great deal to us. We choose to express this passion with humbleness as we have met too many sommeliers knocking us over with information. Thus, we give a wine recommendation to every course. That way, we believe that not only the wine connoisseurs feel comfortable. We strive hard to find the best match of food and wine. The perfect combination is our ambition! Like Peanuts and jelly, Cookies and Milk or Chips and Salsa.

The service relates harmoniously with the establishment. We know that it does not matter how mouth-watering the food is: it will be all forgotten about unless the feeling is right. Dedicated and thoroughly professional staff with a friendly and relaxed attitude set the frames. The atmosphere reflects our ambition not to settle for less than a comfortable and enjoyable experience for you. Nothing can go wrong when you feel comfortable – almost like home; when you are at ease – and nothing disturbs your mind.

In the midst of Östermalm, in the heart of Stockholm, we have created a restaurant far from chive cross garnish, white cloths and bowing waiters.

Most welcome!
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